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A small pub/piano bar in Tel Aviv (I will not state the street address, because you really don't wanna go there).
The place also organizes a Chess tournament between the inhabitants, and the winner (who score most points over a period of few month) is supposed to get a bottle of Jameson at the end of the period.
Sivan: Congratulations! I heard you won the Chess tournament at the Piano Bar :)
Matan: Thanks love :) I didn't get the whiskey though...
Sivan: You're gotta kidding me, You we're a regular there! This is so Yair Lapid like...
Matan: I'm afraid not. The annoying thing is I spend double the price on drinks in the process of winning it.
Sivan: Well, they lost me as a customer!
by Matans June 18, 2013
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