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One that is finds no pleasure in life or sexual experiences although finds complete bliss in the perfection of the equation Pi to such an extreme degree that they feel as if the meaning of life it’s self was meant to solely worship Pi.
I didn’t understand nor enjoy life till I found the flawlessness of being a Pi-sexual.
by dmbpoetic November 19, 2011
this is when you are turned on by sexual activities between 22of one sex and 7 of the other, or any other 2 numbers that when divided by eachother form pi. this is from a film or something, but i cant remember.
Male 1: i got a new "film" foryou to borrow
Male 2:Really? whats it about, pisex?
Male 1:yes it is
Male 2:oooo gimme gimme gimme
Male 1:i wish i was pisexual
by ddjjhh April 10, 2007

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