A class in which the more physically mature and naturally athletic students quickly become teachers pets and earn automatic A's. It also strips fat kids of any rights, such as being picked first or having the chance to get an A.
Physical Education sucked today because of how fat and slow I am.
by funnymandan April 20, 2011
It's mandatory in Illinois schools, unless you..

1. have some medical issue;
2. are taking something like Health or Driver's Ed;
3. are on a sports team (e.g. high school wrestling, etc.); and/or
4. observe a religion that won't let you participate for some reason (Christian Scientists b/c of the "body is just a shell", Muslim girls b/c of the PE outfits)
Illinois, even though it's the only state that mandates Physical Education, allows students to opt out via medical disability, Health or Driver's Ed elective, and/or religious reasons.

1. "Here's a note from the school nurse."
1-a. "I can't go swimming. I'm on my period, and I can't wear a tampon."
2. "Sorry, I'm taking Driver's Ed. Us Illinoisans can't drive so well unless we sit in a classroom."
3. "Why would I want to repeat wrestling practice?"
4-a. "The clerics say that this T-shirt and gym shorts are too revealing for a girl of the Muslim faith."
4-b. "The only exercise I know is ex-or-cise."
by Obscure Anomaly August 23, 2006
A sexual position in which the girl does a handstand and her back is supported by a row of lockers. The guy gets on top of the lockers and proceeds to fuck her in a downwards motion. Extremely difficult to execute, but the bragging rights are enormous if you can do it.
Ali did some mad physical education after school with Matt. Her arms weren't the only things that were sore the next day.
by the Ezmeister October 30, 2010
1. A fun class where you just have to participate, not win. Where you can have fun if you choose, or not if that's what you want.
2. A class that exerts yourself to your limit. Hated by some, loved by people who like to be athletic (like me).
3. Where you learn about physical stuff (eg, your body)
Physical Education was a blast today. We did 20 laps, left those uninterested people in the dust and then played soccer all while doing dodgeball.
by reSpartan October 16, 2010
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