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smart, funny, tall, Asian, and extremely beautiful
I'm talking to an angel, no dude your talking to Phuong-Anh
#cute #amazing #beautiful #awesome #funny
by Ghatle September 27, 2010
cute girl yet edgy. this is the type of girl that most men like. Straightforward and lenient at the same time. Respect and appreciate friendship. She does not get mad easily, instead she will not show her angers. Dont make her mad because once you do, you will never be forgiven. If you are her bff, you will forever are. If you want to be her boyfriend, you need to know that she will not pamper you in anyway, you have to be the one who follow her word.
phuonganh: I need to talk to you right now. -msg sent.
Boy: ring ring- call immediately.
#social #well rounded #listening #laid back #phuong-anh
by youknowiloveyou88888 October 01, 2011
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