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A religious extremist who decided to come to this website and spout off his hateful, wacko Christian retoric.
Still, his definitions of Hell and rapture were quite intertaining.
Phrigajiblenoghip is complete and total zealot.
by Jules Carrozza May 28, 2004

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hell rapture zealot
A quiet little religious zealot. He does not force his ideas down other people's throat in the way of "OMFG ATHEISM SUX!!!!1111 LOLZ!!!!111" but rather implying, "If you're not Christian, you are nothing more than scum. If you're not Christian, you are invariably...

1. Communist.
2. Liberal (read: not extreme-right-wing)
3. Stupid.
4. Generally wrong.
"The Earth is 6000 years-old."
by ComradeDmitri June 09, 2004