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A term to describe Asiaphiles who make some half-assed attempt at learning a language so they can harass foreigners (typically Asians) with their poorly pronounced drivel in the hope of appearing cute or organizing some kind of 'language exchange'. Of course we all know that the intended outcome is sex.

Such behavior is typically displayed by Wapanese losers for whom Western women aren't good enough.

The term originates from the practice of looking up pickup lines in a foreign language phrasebook but failing miserably in the delivery.
Wapanese guy: Anta wa kawaiine~ Aishiteruwayo!! ^-^ lolololol (Translation: Wow u're thu-per kewt!! Luv ya baby!)

Japanese girl: Nanda kono yarou?! Omae wa onna no you ni hanashitendayo! Zakkennayo! (Translation: What the fuck is with you?! You're talking like a fucking girl! Fuck off!)
by NR3_Rules June 18, 2005
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