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Basically a blending of the words "phone" and "rape", this is similar to "fraping" (facebook raping) but with phones.
Dave: Check your phone man, I think Kerri just phraped you.

Mike: Shit! She's sent a picture of Blue Waffle to my Dad!
by sharkingdave November 11, 2011
A combination of the words phone and frape.

To have ones facebook raped as a result of leaving a smart phone unattended. Frequently involves "coming out of the closet" and the sending sexually explicit messages.
Quick he's gone... damn his pc is logged out of facebook! But wait! He's left his phone... lets phrape him!
by Mafro whore March 19, 2011
Similar to Frape but with a mobile phone.
Dude we should totally phrape Josh whilst he's in the toilet for leaving his phone unattended.
by Gilmanez November 10, 2010
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