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A huge balckie, with big ass, hairy feet.hails from Uganda, (where ever that is)or as legends say Kenya may be his home.Wears sandels like a shoobie, aka is one. He has a shit fetish. That means he loves makin the girls (or guys) moan with a bilbo baggins or an old flying dutchamn or two. He also is the master of jelly doughnuts. He likes going to the local Dunkins and puttin them whores in line. Phrankie is also the murph divers worst enemy, cause eh steals all the girls.
Phrankie is such a phrakie. Did u hear what he did to the Schlarz? He did a fighting of the orcs od Mordor while giving a laeping hildago. Holy crap i need a jelly dounghnut.
by Aaron "the grease ball" January 30, 2004