A trial version of adobe photoshop that you are unable to use because you dont have a working serial number. Trials work for 30 days then all you left with is a copy of "photoshit" and an icon on you desktop.
My trial ran out so now all I got is photoshit.
by jOhnNeZy September 09, 2008
Top Definition
The act of applying Photoshop in an attempt to replicate style, skill, or talent. Where in reality the photographer only conveys a sense of pretentiousness shit.
Have you seen that those photos on SHMKR, a Portraiture photos?

Yeah that Shmkr sure is great at photoshit.
by The portraiture February 25, 2011
Verb used to describe dropping people into pictures they weren't originally in via Adobe Photoshop.
LC, Photoshit Kristi Nohl in to this picture since she was out of town that weekend.
by LC Detroit August 25, 2009
Bad Photoshop Jobs
She enlarged her boob and the background talk about photoshit
by CLAUSEderphobic February 21, 2015
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