two or more girls walking through a store,mall,parking lot or down the side walk totally oblivious to the rest of the world because they have their eyes and hands permanently attached to their phones.
While shopping at Wegmans today I ran into the same two phonies six times.
by Mr. Antiphonie December 26, 2010
Everyone on Urban dictionary even me.
Everyone who looks up slang on urban dictionary is a phony because they dont already know what it means.
by Keepingitphony August 14, 2010
Something Fake Not Real.. Na im Sayin'..
Ja Rule Killa,, He aint Nuttin But a Phony Gangsta.. BUSTA!!..
by SickFlo' June 07, 2005
Call landline numbers for free
I'll Phony you tonight buddy
by Mar1S July 01, 2010
Constantly being connected to your cell phone.
Mary: Dont worry about fetching me at the movies tonight, I sent dad a text message to come get me at 11h00pm.
Mom: I think I'll rather come get you. You know your dad isn't very phony - he'll only get that message next week.
by WenzFM June 30, 2009

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