Phony ; Slang = punk ass bitch

A phony is a person, typically in high school or college, but they can be anywhere, who openly judges people, spreading half truths, falsehoods or disseminating personal information (i.e. Gossip) in exchange for advancing their social statuses and continuing the repression of certain things in your subconscious that lead you to feel the need to denigrate people (such as repressing sexual confusion by harassing students who are gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual.)

The only way a phony is rehabilitated is through karma, where the alienation and defamation they've forced on those who do nothing to deserve it bites them in the ass, whether because they've learned they can't get a job just by appealing to the baser instincts of insecure people and selling out your friends, when the suffering they have incurred on others leads their victims to lead miserable lives which often end up cut short, and when they go past college age, can no longer use their popularity to wiggle away from Johnny law.

These struggles then lead phonies to realize the extent of how much they have hurt other people for petty reasons and then decide to come to terms with what they have repressed.
Man, that douchebag is such a phony, selling himself and his friends down the river for some temporarily boosted social status.
by Guess6667 August 10, 2011
Telephone company employee.
That phony' s here to fix your landline
by DickSavage February 28, 2013
Someone who uses a cell phone while driving.
Phony: (on phone, of course) Hey, Bob. Yeah, so I was saying...(swirves wildly)
by H17ler January 08, 2008
fake, not real, a lie
Jacob tried to sell me a phony Rolex watch.

Marcus told a phony story about how he stole a Caddilac Escalade.
by Knowledge November 09, 2003
something that isnt what it actually is, or someone pretending to be someone they are not.
Ryan Smith is a phony.
by Dick_Darlington July 23, 2004
A kind of person, usually very stupid. Usually wears Abercrombie, Hollister, and American Eagle to fit in. Very materialistic and superficial.The boys act tough and strong and the girls act ditzy and slutty. Very hard to go to school with or even just to talk to. Basically everybody at school.
Everybody is a goddamn phony.
by meshack November 16, 2007
A person that's all bark and no bite.
He's such a phony, he says he's a pyro but he's actually scared of fire.
by Xtine Max January 02, 2004

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