when two phones jump on top of eachother and start having sex. that is all.
phone 1: hey sexy ;) lets get in onnn!
phone 2: okay, i love phone sex with you.
by MG... May 18, 2010
when two partners are over the phone moaning and groaning.usually the guy is jacking off and the girl is moaning or fingering herself the tell tells her how many fingers and he just jacks off waitin to ejaculate.

hey baby lets have phone sex!
by princessa. February 25, 2007
for times when your either too scared for real sex or, no one will have sex with you, phone sex is pretty fun. its also good for laughs. i mean you could do the whole role play thing or tell the other person what youd like to do and or that your already doing it... in some strange way, or you can just masturbate along with the other person, the girl sreaming and moaning and the guy breathing heavily and such. you might even go for "ohh your voice is so hot" or "im so wet" or "i only wanna please you"?? ... but just dont do the "i want u to have my kids" that pretty werid unless ur serious and u know the person rele wants your kids and can haddle that sick form of dirty tlking.
::phone rings::
boy: hey wats up. girl: ...na na nothing.... boy: ... wat r u doing? girl: oooooh my gooood. boy: need some help?
girl: ....::moaning::
later leads into phone sex
girl:hey guess wat i had sex with "brady bunch" again
friend: ...over the phone? girl: ... yes... it was hoooot!
by idostilettos February 25, 2007
Were Two People Are On The Phone And There Both Moaning To Each And There Both Masterbating
Me: Omg I Had The Best Phone Sex Last Night With Craig
Mate: Omg You Had Phone Sex With Him Again!!
Me : Yeah!
by *emo chick* January 15, 2006
something that is real and doesn't make you lame, ugly, obese, non-sociable, etc. Itz pretty much fucking amazing
Girl: Wanna have phone sex three times tonight?
Boy: Maybe two my dick hurts
Girl: Pussy ass jew
Boy:I love you baby
Girl:I love you too :)
by awesometerrifficamazingcoolbad February 05, 2010
if someone calls and ask you intimate details and you both get a bit aroused or exited, don't forget to say this:

i moan and scream, just i have real phone sex and you put me on the speaker. your party guests have the laugh of their life!
by mahal.himself August 04, 2006
The act of rubbing two phones together.
I threw my phone on my bed and they fell on top of each other. Can you say phone sex?
by Courtney and Jackie December 29, 2007
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