for times when your either too scared for real sex or, no one will have sex with you, phone sex is pretty fun. its also good for laughs. i mean you could do the whole role play thing or tell the other person what youd like to do and or that your already doing it... in some strange way, or you can just masturbate along with the other person, the girl sreaming and moaning and the guy breathing heavily and such. you might even go for "ohh your voice is so hot" or "im so wet" or "i only wanna please you"?? ... but just dont do the "i want u to have my kids" that pretty werid unless ur serious and u know the person rele wants your kids and can haddle that sick form of dirty tlking.
::phone rings::
boy: hey wats up. girl: na nothing.... boy: ... wat r u doing? girl: oooooh my gooood. boy: need some help?
girl: ....::moaning::
later leads into phone sex
girl:hey guess wat i had sex with "brady bunch" again
friend: ...over the phone? girl: ... yes... it was hoooot!
by idostilettos February 25, 2007
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having sexover the phone by explaining what you're doing to the other person - like cybersex but on the phone
A: oooh, baby, im rubbin my thick cock in your tight wet pussy
B: oh, im gonna come, bob!!! aaaahhh!!
by princess_pea July 25, 2004
Gives you hearing AIDS
It' a joke, idiot. Phone sex is sex over the phone.
by Captain Albatross January 23, 2010
The act of masturbation while imagining that the person over the line that you're talking to is sexually interacting with you, and vice versa.
I lived far away from her, so the two of us had some hot phone sex.
by OtherRealChris March 11, 2003
a form of virtual sex; a sexual intercourse but done remotely and verbally, i.e. two people talk by phone and their deliberate choice of words (as well as intonation, tone of voice) is intended to produce sexual arousal of the party talked to. As a follow-up to its verbal level, phone sex can be connected with masturbation; in its other version, phone sex is synonymous to an act of masturbation being described and commented on over the phone to turn the other party on.
She went on how she liked doing it and he gave her his hot load of words that touched her almost like his hands did when they made love yesterday, and all that made her nipples grow harder and harder. In fact, they spent an hour on the phone indulging in phone sex.
by Aleph May 29, 2006
The best you can get when your boyfriend/girlfriend is a 1000 miles away.
My boyfriend went back home to Texas for the summer, so now we only get to have phone sex.
by GA Peach June 10, 2007
When you slap your penis between a flip phone and procede to have sex with it.
I had phone sex but accidentally electrocuted myself and singed my penis.
by rocketman January 30, 2005
* the alternative to the real thing
* basically jacking off while on the phone with someone (usually they're doing the same thing)
* good for kicking boredom
i totally got off havin phone sex with *** last night
by lynneh January 03, 2004

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