The act of rubbing two phones together.
I threw my phone on my bed and they fell on top of each other. Can you say phone sex?
by Courtney and Jackie December 29, 2007
The act of placing your phone on top of a freind's phone, or vice versa.
Dude me and Maggie just had phone sex at lunch- bill
OMG you're so lucky. I've only had phonesex with karen- tom
Eww. She's a pig- bill
by Thatonekid44 March 27, 2011
when two people talk on the phone moaning or texting.
i was up all night havin phone sex with dis hot chick!
by Dinosaur2 December 11, 2008
When 2 people who are usually not being honest about what the look like, converse in a sexual manner over the telephone. Most often acted out by over-weight women and really ugly men who say they're "hot" but in fact...are "not".
"Hi baby, I'm 5'5, 125 with long blonde hair and green eyes. I'm laying here on my bed with the phone in one hand and my dildo in the other..would you like to have phone sex?"
by CPK4Life August 14, 2006
the act of using the vibrate function on a cell phone to pleasure ones self.
Amy was having wicked phone sex in calculus the other day.
by man15 May 07, 2004
the act of being intamite over the fone when unable to be intamite in real life...
"hehe, its fun":Monica Lewinsky
by Wraith April 24, 2003
The act of sexing a man or a woman while being on the phone, describing such acts to your colleagues.
Johnny had sex with Jill at the same time he had phone sex with his grandmother, Girdie.
by C.D January 16, 2006

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