A waster who calls random numbers from the phone book, usually late at night, for their own amusement.

Very different from a briefcase wanker or buswanker but remarkably bawbagish.
-phone rings late at night and is answered by person who is not a phone book wanker-
"...Who are you and why are you calling me?"
"eeehhrmm.... who ur you??"
"Not telling you!"
"well yer a wanker then!"

Both parties are aware who the real wanker is, but only one is enough of a wanker to actually state that the person receiving the call is a wanker.
Said wanker - the phone book wanker - will then get bored and either do what wankers do best or go back to his (probably sticky) phonebook to find another hapless victim.
by Plains, Trains & Automobiles April 06, 2011

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