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What a fat loser whore.
I, PhoenixGirlie, am going to report you all to the mods and then I shall suck some homeless guys cock to pay my internet bill.
by Gigli March 17, 2005
A bitch. A two-faced person that has hypocritical or self absorbed views.

See also: Buttseckz, Bitch, Whore.
You are a real PhoenixGirlie
by The Guru March 15, 2005
A disease that causes you to develop twinkie looking breasts, obesity, chronic attention from a internet message board, and become a crack whore who doesn't feed her kids.
OMG Sarah, if you keep eatting like that and opening your legs all the time, your going to get PhoenixGirlie.
by Vesti April 11, 2005
A hot ass bitch that I want to have buttsekz with.
Y hello thar. Buttsekz?
by You wish you knew April 10, 2005
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