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Phizzle comes from the english word telephone meaning phone
Cizzle izzle yizzle Yoizzle cizzle phizzle? foizzle shizzle mizzle nizzle
by Justin October 15, 2004
21 12
a hi-pitched sine-wave synth whistle popular with jazze pha and lil jon. c0mes from jazze phizzle whistle.
the phizzle makes that shit slump!
by Slapboyz October 02, 2006
8 8
AAVE (African American Vernacular English) used often in place of words beginning with "ph" (i.e. Phillip, Philae, etc.)
Hey, Phizzle, what's goin' on?
by Skitzo June 16, 2004
10 10
A phizzle is any object or substance that a monkey picks out of another monkey's hair.
Dude, that monkey is totally eating that other monkey's phizzles.
by Philip Moon June 17, 2008
8 15
derived from punker slut version of stating " Damn gurl you fine"
yo phizzle fo shizzle gurl
by the original generic October 03, 2003
0 9