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A recognized medical condition that results in feelings of intense boredom at a phish show due to disinterest in a particularly lame song or ones surroundings. This feeling may occur naturally, but is also known to be chemically induced. Being phish-show bored has several stages with initial symptoms that include excessively fidgeting with articles of one's clothing such as the hem of a skirt and/or aimlessly wandering about a concert venue. As the condition progresses, those affected may begin seeking out disgusting food items like dreaded crotch pretzels or attempt to bathe themselves in water fountains. The only known cure at this time is to entirely cover oneself in condiments such as mustard or ketchup. Fortunately these are often readily available at many food courts, although this may require purchase of an exorbitantly priced hotdog. This is not to be confused with the similar condition "over-it".
Hey Brah, do you see that chick over there all covered in mustard-she must be wicked phish-show bored.
by dreadiehead426 June 06, 2011
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