When a Male is having sexual intercourse with a female from the doggy style position, while the male proceeds to pull out from the Vagina or Anus, spits on the females back, and as the female turns her head around thinking the male has already ejaculated the male ejaculates all over the females face.
Lucianna got extremely mad at Kent for doing the philly fake out on her, and making her have a red eye.
by themainman12 May 20, 2009
when you are doing a girl in the butt, and spit on her back so she thinks you shot, and turns around, and you blast her in the eye (or face, your choice)
i gave kate the ol' philly fakeout last week, she still aint seeing straight
by p lloyd May 15, 2007
get a girl from behind...spit on her back so she thinks u busted and then.... when she turns around to see the action... BAMMM... bust in her face.
" i gave a girl the bigges philly ever! She was covered!"-tim
by Tim February 25, 2004
After anal sex, before ejaculation when the male spits on females back simulating the release of sperm, when the female turns around , the male busts his load in her face.
I heard grabins mom got faked out philly style the other night.
by JIM/JON March 18, 2003
fucking a girl in the asshole, pull out, about to cum, tell her to turn around, and skeet skeet in her face
i was fuckin shirley hard, but i had to go home, so i pulled out and she turned and looked at me and i pulled a philly fakeout! on that biotch
by steve949872382 January 07, 2008
Doing a guy/girl in from behind.. you spit on her back when shes the person turns around you blow it in thier face.
Damn... last night I gave your old lady a Philly fake out.
by robbie September 30, 2003
When a girl asks a guy to put on a condom and he does't. The guys cums in the girl and she gets pregnant so he skips town.
Chris: "I did philly fakeout on that girl last night, I'm off to atlanta"

Walter: "Man thats the third girl this week"
by phillyfan7641 January 11, 2009

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