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A sexual encounter in which you ejaculate in your hand and smack the girl in the face.
The angry pirate got boring, so i blasted the bitch with the phillipino flapjack!
by mDiB April 07, 2010
A sexual act that only requires two sexual partners. Usually the female will take a ping pong paddle, tennis racket or any oval shaped object and shove it up the males bum. He will then proceed to defecate a plate producing flap jack shaped feces. The female can either enjoy this meal alone or share it with her partner.
Chloe: John can we please make Phillipino Flap Jacks tonight

John: only of I can share my flap jacks with you.

Chloe: sure john let's bring them into the uva committee session and share them with EVERYONE!!
by Facawi November 21, 2010