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A shitty little town in central Pennsylvania known for its excessive inbreeding and poor excuse for a school district.
"Oh my god, that's so PHILIPSBURG."

"Bleh, I just wish I could get out of Philipsburg!"
by Gretchen Francheska August 25, 2008
small city in pennsylvania, kids on the weekends are ether at the bowling alley. or watching so little punks fight.

or if your lucky you can smoke some pot which you can get anywhere in philipsburg.

its full of slutty little girls.
you might get lucky and meet one of th inbread freaks who pull knives on you.

all in all. this towns a disgrrace to america.
hey dude wana go to the philipsburg zoo
i didnt know there as a zoo in philipsburg.
yeah the whole fucking towns a zoo.
by slutlistcomander May 21, 2011

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