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An abnormal and awkward state of being in which one is afflicted with multiple insufficiencies that result in a permanent social and facial handicap. One has many shortcomings in all aspects of life and tries to compensate by spending copius amounts of money on designer clothing in order to divert attention away from an ugly face. Tendencies also include concocting lies of nonexistent girlfriends to increase one’s stock and to conceal one's homosexuality. The overcompensatory nature of this individual may function as a mask to disguise the fact that he is a product of a weak and recycled genepool. One with this condition also displays weak smack talking skills lacking in back up and wit.
person 1: There is something very off about him...

person 2: What is so wrong with him, besides his face?

person 1: He checks MYSPACE profiles of hot girls and pretends that he is friends with them...

person 2: I think he has Philiposis...which explains the uncanny resemblance to his female cousin and his debilitating lack of game.
by emmjay October 24, 2006
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