The most fucking terrible team in the history of football. they think they're so awesome because they've won 6 straight against the giants but who has 3 super bowls? who was able to beat the patriots (The UNDEFEATED patriots i might add) in the super bowl? also, no matter how much of a dirtbag a particular player is (From T.O. to michael conVICKt) they can always take refuge in knowing the eagles will sign them in order to win a super bowl.
Retarded ass Philadelphia eagles fan: we have 6 straight wins against the midgets! we rule?

Me: who has 3 super bowls? that's right. get back at us when you win the super bowl. if you ever do.
by Giantsrule April 10, 2011
Flying debris and other garbage (most notably plastic trash bags) caught by the wind and flung into trees in the very windy and very filthy streets of Philadelphia, PA.
We used to play a game growing up in Philly, count the Eagles in the trees as you walked down your road. If there were more than 10 Philadelphia Eagles in your block, you lived in the ghetto.
by OneCheese March 14, 2012
A football team that has no life, its fan's always say that the Dallas Cowboys fans suck when in fact they have NO Superbowl wins and Dallas has 5. They say we choke...How bout when they faced the raiders in the 1980s for the Superbowl and lost, or when they faced the giants recently and LOST for the Superbowl.
Man 1 (eagles Fan) : "Hey man I fell asleep before the Philadelphia Eagles VS Dallas Cowboys game who won?"

Man 2 (No favorite team): "Who do you think?"

Man 1 (eagles Fan): "...Dallas?"

Man 2 (No favorite team): "42-0, Dallas"
by DallasCowboys123 October 26, 2009
The Philadelphia Eagles are the second best american football team next to the New England Patriots. They are both owned by friends who happen to be Jewish. Both owners met at a camp as youths in the catskill mountain range.

The ultimate goal of the two owners is to pull as much money out of the fans as possible. The winning of championships is secondary to the money that must be made.

Lucky for the owners much of the fans consist of salisman and testemorphs.
The philadelphia eagles are one big ass cash register!! -- Jeff Lurie.
by A Palumbo August 27, 2007
NFL Team who has never and probably will never win a Super Bowl. Comprised of thugs and "Wanna Bees", the team some how finds itself in the playoffs every year. They also tend to blow it in the really big game. The typical fan base is a brainless Philadelphian who would rather attack other teams fans at their home stadium than actually watch their bunch of losers take the field.
The Philadelphia Eagles are the modern day Buffalo Bills.......

Hey you catch the Philadelphia Eagles game.....
Yeah me neither don't they just suck.....
by RevSader September 27, 2005
A suck ass team that's going suck even more without T.O.
The Philadelphia Eagles will go 5-11....if they're lucky.

Go Cowboys
by Tonio31 August 18, 2006
Another term for international choke artists!
The Philidelphia Eagles lost another one!

go Patriots
by Punkhead May 25, 2005

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