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Philadelphia isn't just a city that lies between the shadows of New York and Washington, it is a city where the shitty Eagles are the topic of dinner conversation year round, I mean its not like they win championships so they got to keep interest up somehow! It is where a meal consists of a of a very fattening cheesesteak (although very good – Geno’s, stand the fuck up), nasty Natty light, soft pretzels that have had rats running all over them all night,
and Tasty Kakes for dessert. Still wonder why the whole city has a weight problem? And if they aren’t fat, they’re niggers. It is also where there is a Wawa on every corner so all the fat bastards don’t have to walk far from there row home and the stupid lazy niggers don’t get lost trying to find one. Most Philly people also look forward to the 1st day of Spring when Rita's gives out free "wooder" ice – once again, benefiting the niggers that don’t wanna work – “welfare don’t pay for no water ice, sheeeiit motherfuckar!”. It is where you know it's a hoagie, not a sub and the shore, not the beach. Most annoyingly, where every black thinks whites are afraid of them, when its OUR CITY – SIGNED THE ITALIANS! And it is ok to say hello to someone you don't know if they are a birds fan, especially when your team has 5 Superbowl wins and numerous NFC Championship appearances whereas the “birds” go to the ship’ and loose once every 20 years *cough* McChoke *cough*. That is Philadelphia, the city of Unbrotherly Fat Lazy Niggers And Scumbags Who Think Their Tough (BFLNASWTTT)... Outsiders will never understand, and LUCKY FOR THEM!
*Walking down South Street in Philadelphia*
Birds fan - Yo, Cowboys suck! hahaha
Me - Yo, when was the last time your team won a superbowl?
Birds Fan - Wha...what?!? Ill kick your ass!
Me - Ok.
Birds Fan - Nah, nevermind, your not worth it faggot
Me - see ya pal!
Birds Fan - fuck you! Im gonna beat you up.......later!
Me - hahahahahahah, lol
by Future Brooklynite June 05, 2007
54 126
Philadelphia is the best city ever made. It makes New York look like a bunch of winey little girls. Everyone who thinks Philly is just a crap hole is an idiot. Yeah, North, West and Southwest are pretty crappy. So are some of the burbs like Norristown, Cedarbrook and Ambler, but it has more heritage than the rest of the US put together, greatest most pride filled people and coolest kids. Everyone is just keepin it real, hangin out on curbs and talkin. It has the best neighborhoods because everyone knows eachother and like eachother and so tough. Did you hear about the catholic school kids who were approached by the rapist and they all kicked the crap out of him? Thats Philly right there. We dont take that crap from no one. And people who say it is the biggest ghetto are morons. It is only 6th on the most dangerous city list and the magazines and crap who say it is the ugliest and fattest cities are gay. Thats only what people think when they hear Philly. Fat ugly white guys with cheesesteaks, when really its not. Its a mixture of all types of ethnicities and the reason it is 45 percent white is because of center city.
People who talks trash about Philly should come down here and say it to our faces.

Eagles Superbowl champs 04-05!!!
by Easssyyyydeee_Killa June 29, 2004
94 84
A city that is home to the Eagles football team, which this coming Superbowl, is going to smash the fucking Patriots. Philadelphia is also three and a half times larger than Boston, and has a much better skyline.
Those stupid Bostonians with their New England Patriots; they never learn.
by Actually a Colts Fan February 05, 2005
82 73
Philly is awesome. It's so much cooler than New York. I'd so much rather say I'm from philly than NY because EVERYBODY is from NY, and that's so boring.

-So, where are you from?
-New York.
-Wow, how did I know you were gonna say that.

The sign at the Philadelphia city line with Montgomery County on City Ave:


(and try to forget about our present)
Rocky Balboa lives in Philadelphia.
by anonymous July 23, 2003
88 79
Home of the Phillies, the most down-to-earth group of guys in baseball.

..hey they're pretty hot too. (:
"Hey, are you from Philadelphia?"

"Yes, I am from the best city in the whole world. Thanks for asking."
by xoirisheyes March 15, 2010
18 10
A city in Southeastern Pennsylvania that is extremely awesome. The Non-Philadelphians think this city is like hell but it beats out any city, period. It's got the best desserts (Tastykakes), the best sandwiches (Philly Cheesesteaks that are HOAGIES, not subs), the best pretzels, water ice (that's pronounced WOOTER ICE!), and the most awesome places to go to!

The United States got its Independence from Britain on July 4, 1776 in Independence Hall in Philadelphia. There are many historical places to go to including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

"The City of Brotherly Love" is home to the most awesome sports including the awesome football team called the Eagles, the "phantastic" baseball team called the Phillies, the passionate basketball team called the 76ers, a.k.a the Sixers, and the orangest hockey team called the Flyers. Those stupid Non-Philadelphians call us the "worst fans," but most of them haven't been here. If they did, they would know we were the best!

Philadelphia has many nicknames.
-City of Brotherly Love
-City that Loves You Back
-The Best City Ever
-The Coolest City Ever
-The Tastiest City Ever
-The City that is so Awesome than NO other City can Compare!
by Fabio Fobbs January 19, 2012
9 4
Okay so, being a real philadelphian, lemme clear up a few things:
-hockey isn't as big a deal here as everyone thinks
-people here can be pretty nice, if you're not a stuck up a hole
-in terms of sports, we have lots of pride, and yeah, we know the eagles suck, let us cling to our hopes and dreams, mkay? Besides, the phillies are pretty good
-there are some very nice places with some very high end cafe's, shops, etc. And then there are places that look like shit. There is no one way to describe Philadelphia.
-the stereotypical Philadelphian will most likely be found in south Philly, also home to real Italian food.
-yeah, we've got a lot of bums, but if you don't look like a total moron, then they generally leave you alone
-pat's and geno's suck! To find a real Philly cheesesteak, you must find the most run down, diviest place imaginable. Like Johns roast pork.
-we've got some pretty friggin cool tourist attractions, including the art museum, Franklin institute, not even to mention numerous historical sites.
So yeah, maybe we can be obnoxious, and yeah, maybe some of us have a weight problem, and yeah, most of us can't drive, but Philly has a real heart and soul, and is home to some of the best people you could meet, and you'd have to be a total, pretentious ass not to see that.
Do you really need an example about what Philadelphia is like after all that stuff I just wrote? Really?
by Who me? Yes, you! April 27, 2011
12 7
We people from Philadelphia call it Philly and we love cheesesteaks, soft pretzels,hoagies(not subs), tastykakes, and the first day of spring because Ritas give out free wooder ice. The EAGLES are the best even if they are'nt, the Phillies games are a family tradition, and Wawas are on every corner. We know you only go to Jersey for the tweeter center, cherry hill mall and the shore (yes the shore not the beach!). We hate everyone and we don't care if they know. Anyone who says the Eagles suck is in for a world of pain by some of the toughest sports fans who will also shed tears if the Eagles don't make it to the superbowl again! We have a great sense of pride and loyalty and we make some of the best friends you will ever have. Thats why I love Philly.
I'm from Philadelphia and you're not so therefore you suck!
by philadelphian March 07, 2006
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