The overrated drummer for Genesis who took on a solo career to do Disney songs and blow Elton John.
I agree that Phil Collins is crap.
by Dudamous March 30, 2006
A very successful British drummer. Sadly, despite what people may tell you, he cannot sing and relies on electronic music devices to make his music sound good.
Mr. Collins normally sings out of tune, but his vocal harmonizers and pitch correctors fix all that.

Listen closely to any of his songs (even the Genesis ones) and you'll notice how his voice is always doubled and slightly echoed.

On the song "In the Air Tonight", about 2 minutes into the track, the filters are tweaked so that there are 3 versions of his voice singing at the same time - the 'normal' filtered version, a comical low pitched version, and his real voice. The low, weak, screechy, high voice in the background is his real singing voice.

Oh and FYI, the 'drum solo' on "In the Air..." was done on a drum machine, so I really don't know how it is considered a solo when a machine is playing it throughout the whole song.

But once again, he is a great drummer...
by 010101_bot July 22, 2005
Here's the deal: Phil Collins can't fucking sing. He's a great drummer, but he just plain can't fucking sing. What he *can* do, however, is apply a cheap 80s reverb filter so that people go ZOMG WHAT A GREAT VOICE!!11! What, you seriously thing think that 'great vocalists' echo when they sing?
"I looooove--oh fuck, someone turn the filter on quick."
by Rx January 24, 2005

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