Superb songsmith, writer and drummer.

Created and performed songs back when music was good. Much immitated however went from loved by everyone in the 80's and 90's to 'unfashionable to like' in the latter part of the 90s up until today - the reason being that most people on earth are an impressionable bunch of idiots who are controlled by the media and rubbish like the Sun Newspaper. Why does a mans lovelife effect how people enjoy his music? Fickle bunch of twats.
010101_bot - you say that Phil has vocal aids and the drum solo on air tonight was created by a drum machine? So how do you explain Phil performing the drum solo every single live performance? Is that done with holographic projectors? I suppose the drum duet on the 'we cant dance' live DVD is done with strings or effects handled by industrial light and magic? You complete imbecile!

As for the voice, you speak horse shit there my friend as well. Watch any live phil collins dvd or any dvd and you'll find the vocals arent corrected. Echo and reverb is commonplace on 1980s albums - do your research...

In all seriousness if I dont like an artist or performer I don't go searching forums i know i dislike to get on forums to go 'you know that artist you like well i have decided in my own opinionated little world that he is bollocks.'
by ENTITY UK July 14, 2006
To pause, during sex, and beat out the "In the Air Tonight" drum fill on your partner's ass.
Guy 1 - "So, how'd last night go?"
Guy 2 - "As it turns out, she was pretty boring in bed. I had to stop and Phil Collins her to pump myself up."
Guy 1 - "Too bad. At least she looks good."
by DCK September 13, 2012
A character from Trailer Park Boys. Phil Collins is named after a British guy nobody cares about. Phil is a local cheeseburger enthusiast and manages a motel. He gets increasingly mad when one stares at his rather large gut. Phil is often seen selling mackerel and trout in liquor store parking lots. He also owns a mobile cheeseburger shop with his boys called the Dirty Burger.
Bubbles: "Who do I know the greasy bastard from? Holy fuck boys, it's Phil Collins!"

Phil: "Hey Bubbles. wanna buy some trout?"
by AnarchyStocking April 23, 2011
A drink.

2 oz Vanilla Vodka

2 oz Water

Serve neat. Let age for maximum taste.
This is a Phil Collins, a great, great drink, a personal favorite.
by snosage January 31, 2011
A British musician, singer and songwriter. Although Phil produced some cheesy pop songs in his career, as well as satires in South Park and American Psycho having turned him into a punchline / easy target of sorts today, that should never eclipse the fact that he's a solid vocalist and, most importantly, one of the most talented drummers in rock history.
Kinda funny that Phil Collins' incredibly inventive, complex drumming with Genesis is often overlooked because of the drum fill of "In the Air Tonight"
by EonBlue987 September 11, 2012
It's a drink made by drinking a Tom Collins and a Cosmopolitan at the same time, from two different glasses, from two straws. The combination of those two drinks results in a Phil Collins
After drinking two Phil Collins I ended up all wet.
by Ouroborous March 14, 2005
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