A small, angry, British performer who merely acts out songs developed in a studio by a group of producers. Occasionally, Collins will pay his agents to spread news about charity donations and civic contributions...none of which were dealt with willingly or directly by Collins. The only motive for which is the ensurance of continuation of record sales and passable public image to dilute the reality of his unabashedly self-centered, ill-willed, simply perverse ways, not to mention his utter lack of musical ability.
Do you listen to Phil Collins?
Who? Bill Collings?
No, Phil Collins!
Oh him. No way, he sucks. My sister went to one of his concerts once and got violently molested by a drunkard who got turned on when Phil started playing pocket pool and groping himself on stage. Hes a real degenerate.
by sacko October 03, 2007
Top Definition
An 80s/90s pop artist, vocalist, drummer, and lead singer for the progressive/arena rock band Genesis. He is British, has a great voice, and has been featured in movie soundtracks and has many successful best-selling albums. And NO, the people who by them aren't faggots and retards!
Phil Collins is a great music artist. There is nothing wrong with him at all.
by Ryan December 11, 2004
A vocal artist and drummer who does NOT suck, is NOT gay, and is a musician with a big heart: he gives to and supports many different charities and cares about many, many people.
He was the frontman of Genesis from 1980 to 1991, and made it big on his own solo career. With the creation of albums like Face Value, ...But, Seriously, and No Jacket Required (Which became the top-selling, most popular album of 1985), Phil Collins has catapulted to one of the greatest musicians of all time.
Oh yeah, Rx; what you said about Phil Collins echoing is highly untrue. When the Hell does he echo? And what filter? WTF, are you smoking crack you dumbass?
by Ryan J. February 23, 2005
A British vocalist who was inaccurately made fun of in an episode of South Park. They were all wrong on it, it didn't even sound like him, and it barely looked like him.
Phil Collins rules! I don't care what anyone thinks.
by The Great Houdini December 11, 2004
When an evening is warm enough to require no jacket as in the Phil Collins Album 'No Jacket required'
Do you reckon i need a jacket down the pub Tonight?
Na, mate it's Phil Collins tonight
by Surbz July 23, 2008
Phil "Philadelphia" Collins is a motel manager, taxi cab driver, and trout salesman from the Trailer Park Boys. He frequents Sunnyvale Trailer Park and eventually moves in using Sam Lasco's old camper. He's known for his loud, obnoxious burps and getting angry when people stare at his huge gut.
Lahey: Let me guess- one of them was wearing thick glasses, one of them was extra stupid, and the other was wearing a sexy black shirt holding a drink in his hand.

Phil Collins: That's right. You know them?

Lahey: Let's just say I wouldn't expect to get paid today, bud.
by WHIZ WIT December 09, 2009
My answer to some of "definitions" already here:

"Mr. Collins normally sings out of tune, but his vocal harmonizers and pitch correctors fix all that."
No- go listen to one of his live performances, he is RIGHT on pitch every single time.

"Listen closely to any of his songs (even the Genesis ones) and you'll notice how his voice is always doubled and slightly echoed."
Yeah, that's called singing harmony you dunce. You sing a song two times, once in the melody and once in the harmony. Then you overlay the two and you get something that sounds wonderful.

"On the song "In the Air Tonight", about 2 minutes into the track, the filters are tweaked so that there are 3 versions of his voice singing at the same time - the 'normal' filtered version, a comical low pitched version, and his real voice. The low, weak, screechy, high voice in the background is his real singing voice."
Yeah, once again- three times recorded to make a harmony.

"Oh and FYI, the 'drum solo' on "In the Air..." was done on a drum machine, so I really don't know how it is considered a solo when a machine is playing it throughout the whole song."
If you've ever watched a Collins documentary, he explains why he did so- because he wanted to keep a constant beat and anyone good drummer would have tweaked it and detracted attention from the lyrics.

"But once again, he is a great drummer..."
Yes, yes he is.

Phil Collins is not a fag, he's not stupid, he is sincere, humble, and a fantastic singer with a great voice and perfect pitch.
Person 1: Dude. Phil Collins CANT sing but he is a great drummer.
Person 2: Oh really? I'd like to hear you sing in perfect pitch- both the harmony and the melody.
by trevor.morgan.fan April 25, 2008
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