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One of the largest & oldest Fraternities with over 228,000 brothers. Phi Delta Theta (ΦΔΘ) was founded in 1848. It has grown into one of the best known & active fraternities on most college campuses throughout America & Canada. Rivals are Sae, Ka & Sigmachi.

Phis gained a national reputation as spoiled party boys usually from WASPy familes who wear Brooks Brothers, the Pony & Gator, croakies, sunglasses around the neck at night, red polo pants, bowties, RedWings, GuyHarvey, Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren, Southern Proper, NorthFace, Fratagonia, Sperrys, RayBans, Rainbows & have Z-71Tahoes, BMWs, or Rovers. Notoriously Republican, Phis schedule their classes so they don’t have to go on Friday, usually hunt & acknowledge that earrings are for girls & bleach for laundry.

Phis usually are lax or polo stars, spend afternoons bumming around the cc, engage in pledge croquet, drive golf balls at random objects during charity tournaments & end up fighting their rivals at fundraisers. Phis date hot Sorostitutes (those ladies with their pearls on 24/7 that dress like a StepfordWife & aspire to be a good wife, a home mom, join the JuniorLeague, UDC & the DAR.)

Phis worship a famous member Burt Reynolds & as products of the upper crusts of American society are found escorting more than their fair share of debutantes. Phis take nothing from no one & usually give nothing back. They try to live up to their national rep. as "Bad boys from Good families."

They are the best & they know it.
Phis can be seen strutting campus in Sperry's, short shorts, Polo, NorthFace backpack & "Frat Swoop, or Frat Bangs" hairstyle, RayBan aviators & croakies from their summer camp or favorite sorority. ("Frat Bangs": when hair "swoops" down across the forehead & brushes up against that person's eyebrows. This requires a good deal of head bobbing making sure the bangs stay in place & the Phis are usually seen doing the "fratbang headpop" every few mins. This gesture makes them seem even more arrogant & snobbish than they already are.)

Phi#1: "Did you know there are more Phis in "Who's Who" than any other fraternity in the US?"
Phi#2: "Yes, but did YOU know that Tke was founded by Phi rejects?"
Phi#3: "I bet neither of you knew that the largest fraternity complex in the US is actually the FSU PHI house, not the Pike house."

Ex. Phi Delta Theta at UNC chartered a boat, & did some deepsea while bronzing & killed a cooler of ice cold beer.
Ex. The SMU Phis sipped on bourbon & coke at the game & mingled with ladies in their colored shorts, white oxford shirt, gameday tie & a sorority button on their chest.
Ex. The Phi Delts at Rollins had a CaddyShack party on the roof & drove balls at other fraternity houses.
Ex. The Vandy Phis were kicked off campus for beating pledges with golf clubs.
Ex. Ole Miss Phi Delt is known to be the best & snobbish elitist fraternity on campus; making them the frattiest fraternity at what is well known to be the frattiest school in the nation.
by GreekMan69 October 12, 2009
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at smu, they're probably the coolest bunch of beer-chugging frat dudes ever who rock hard and own the world. we don't take shit from anyone because we will kick your ass and take your girl.
by T.J. Hooker May 04, 2005
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At Rollins College, the Phi Delts are the dominant fraternity on campus. Since 1934, Delts have been ruling the Rolly Colly campus with parties such as Purple Jesus, Morticians Weekend, Mocktail, Zoso, and of course, their dope Bid Day party at Spatz. Phi Delts are considered preppy, wealthy, good looking, and extremely witty and funny.
Phi Delta Theta Brother #1: What's the plan today?
Phi Delta Theta Brother #2: Let's go out on the Nautique with some diesels and wakeboard for a while. While we're out on the lake, we can smoke some ribs, and go back to the house and play some Beirut. It will be very dope.
Phi Delta Theta Brother #1: Fatal, I'm going to lunch at 310 for some cocktails and then I'm heading to PB for the weekend. Maybe when I get back, we can make a batch of Jesus and throw a late night dance party back at the house.
Phi Delta Theta Brother #2: Dope, dope.
by chesterthemolester May 07, 2006
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Also could refer to those stunnas at West Virginia Alpha chapter that pull out on dez hoes every damn day. They bang straight shots at the bar every tues, thursday, friday and sat at WVU, also know as mo-town. They use words like s'niiiiice to describe themselves. They travel in large numbers with hoes flocking behind. They have been know to gang beat moes if provocked.
Phi Delt #1: Did you twist that bitch last night?
Phi Delt #2: Yeah, I'm s'niiiiiiice!
Phi Delt #1: deez hoes sweat nuts of Phi Delta Theta
by He-man G February 19, 2008
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at smu, cocky trust-fund babies whose most important quality for getting a bid is what their father's tax report looks like. They have one party a year which is inflated and ends up the same as every other party and you get blacked out/get a roofy. have no real similarities to one another besides the fact that they haze well
Man, did you hear about that kid who got his balls hazed at Phi Delt last nite? Daddy must have taken away his Range. Too bad Phi Delta Theta wont be here in a semester.
by MassaLee1862 February 06, 2008
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Rich, spoiled. Rejected five of the best men in the world, who started the largest most proud fraternaty in the western hemisphere.
there is opportunity out of defeat, think on that for a while. nevermind Phi Delta Theta.
by tkepride October 08, 2011
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