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the biggest lushes at Univ. of California, Riverside and the hardest partiers. They also have the most pride in their fraternity, strongest brotherhood, and are apt to do the craziest things.
Damn those Phi Kaps are hardcore.
by annonymous June 02, 2004
241 84
Founded in 1850 at the University of Pennsylvania, Phi Kappa Sigma is one of the oldest and most respected fraternities in the nation. Currently there are over 50 chapters and colonies in the United States.
Members of Phi Kappa Sigma are known as Men of Honor.
by PKS1850 July 18, 2011
75 8
worst. frat. ever.
toronto chapter sucks.
Party Host: "Hey, what frat are you in?"

PKS: I'm in Phi Kappa Sigma *takes off shades CSI style"

Party Host: "get out"
by ZBT.4.lyfe1 April 17, 2011
19 96