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the fraternity of first: first to have a shield, first to have a dogmatic image, first to step with canes, first to have a joint conference with another organization, first to have another organization try to merge with ours (Kappa Alpha Psi, with they broke a@#).
Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, L.A., Phi Beta Sigma is the only way!!!
by "the ghost" March 31, 2005
The strongest fraternity that exist. A brotherhood of Elite men working to help out the community and themselves.
Sally: You must be a Phi Beta Sigma

Mike: Why you say that?

Sally: Because you're too cold to be an Alpha, you're too smart to be an omega, you're to strong to be a Kappa,and too known to be an Iota.
by KweenShe01 July 10, 2008
Phi Beta Sigma (ΦΒΣ) is a predominantly African-American fraternity which was founded at Howard University in Washington, D.C. on January 9, 1914, by three young African-American male students. The founders A. Langston Taylor, Leonard F. Morse, and Charles I. Brown, wanted to organize a Greek letter fraternity that would exemplify the ideals of brotherhood, scholarship, and service.
Sigma: Why do you want to become a brother of Phi Beta Sigma?

Dumbass: Because they get a lot of pussy.
by CarelessNigga October 26, 2008
A black fraternity that stole the metal horns gesture for themselves.
I can't throw up the devil horns around the yard because people will think I'm throwing up Phi Beta Sigma!

You mean they'll beat your ass?

by bladeslastbreath February 10, 2008