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A person who conquers and rises to success slowly with nothing that can get in their way. And motivation? something they don't need when they're passionate about something.
He may not be the best in the sport, or the worst in that fact, but his attitude towards fitness makes him a phenon!!
by Iamthephenon March 08, 2011
adj, n.

Originally a contrast to the word 'phenom', in the use of phenomenon, but it's meaning has twisted. Mainly used to describe someone that is awesome in their own way, and quite simply...a great person. Almost another word for phenomenon, amazing and wonder.
She gazed down at the piece of artwork in her hand, admiring the work and professional brushstrokes. In her eyes, it resembled something of a Da Vinci. "You're a real phenon when it comes to painting, you know that?"
by wonder09 April 03, 2011
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