1. Doing the impossible

2. Silencing doubters

3. Crushing the opposition

4. The best of the best

from Michael Phelps' 8 gold medal performance in the 2008 Beijing Olympics games.
John dropped a Phelpsian performance in beer pong last night; he didn't lose a single game.
by Betterknown August 16, 2008
Taken from swimmer Michael Phelps' record eight Olympic golds in the 2008 Summer Olympics. Characterized by exceptional achievement, consistent excellence or unprecedented dominance.
Mary's ten consecutive wins are nothing short of Phelpsian.

If Tom were to win tonight, it would be his eighth time - a Phelpsian feat.
by esprit15d August 23, 2008
To perform or be a competitor with an almost god-like display of athletic talent.

To show physical skill reflecting that of Micheal Phelps' during his 8 gold medal perfomances in the 2008 Beijing Olympics
Todd has showed a Phelpsian performance today, winning the game for his team with his hat-trick.

Sarah is a Phelpsian athlete, working hard to ensure her success.

by Casey the Shizz August 22, 2008
To achieve something amazing that no one thought possible.
No one will complete the phelpsian feat of winning eight gold medals in one Olympic games.
by JMKE August 17, 2008
1. Categorised by an extreme fascistic totalitarian thought process which is backed up by belief in the an omnipotent retarded child emperor and dictator.

2. Totally and utterly insane

3. Taking the bible almost 100% literally
1. Ann Coutler was full of Phelpsian bravado as she began her latest speech.

2. David Horowitz is a man of almost Phelpsian attitude and thinking.
by Lucretius2007 August 18, 2007

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