Describing an astronomical human test of strength with insurmountable odds.
Winning 8 Olympic gold medals is truly a Phelpsian feat.
by TBrownz August 16, 2008
Top Definition
To achieve the pinnacle of greatness in an athletic endeavor. Coined by Aaron Peirsol in post-commentary after Phelps one his 8th gold in Beijing 14th overall. Phelps has overthrown Spitz, so no longer can ridiculous amounts of gold medals or success be deemed Spitzian Feats. Phelpsian Feats.

She sprinted all the way to first place to win by a hundredth of a second, that's a pretty Phelpsian feat.
by laama greenface August 16, 2008
OWNING the olympics aka going 8 for 8 in the olympics for gold. setting a world record. being awesome, etc.
A: yo remember when that guy shotgunned fifteen beers in a row??
B: yea, that was def a phelpsian feat fo' sho.
by DER4G August 16, 2008
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