In reference to Michael Phelps. It means getting owned/faced/dominated.
Brian: "She gave me a fake number"

You just got Phelpsed.
by pksfnwla;nfk August 17, 2008
1. To be put in your proper place.
2. To be humbled.
3. To be trumped.
I thought I was going to win the Tour de France, only to be phelpsed by that idiot Lance Armstrong.

I knew I would be phelpsed when I saw him enter the pool, he is the best swimmer in the world.

by Damon Mork August 24, 2008
1. To be utterly shat on in any competition.

2. Losing so bad you shouldn't have even tried.

3. Being rejected by a stripper.
After Julie got phelpsed in beer pong she was wasted.
by Mace! August 18, 2008
When someone takes a picture of you obviously under the influence of multiple narcotics or in the process of administering your medication. Then tags it on facebook for the entire world to see.
Damn, Carissa tagged a photo of me rolling face, half naked covered only in glowsticks and my grandma saw it. She totally phelpsed me.
by The Masta Flex February 17, 2010
The act of getting in trouble via facebook picture in which someone has tagged you while engaging in any activity in which you did to expect or desire to be made public.

Origin: Reference to US Olympian Michael Phelps who was outed for smoking pot at a party after a photo of him smoking a bong appeared in a British tabloid.
1. I got phelpsed for hanging out with my ex-girlfriend last weekend

2. I knew I was phelpsed when my boss asked me where I learned to do a one-handed kegstand
by MiddleManMike February 23, 2009
to lose (or to win) by a small margin, as in 1/100th of a second.
The other swimmer was phelpsed by the taller, faster one.
by olympicmaniac August 20, 2008
If you can acheive an orgasim in less than 30 seconds, there by beating your partner or partners. They have been "Phelpsed."
I got off so quick last night, I Phelpsed that bitch!
by ClementsCustoms August 15, 2008

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