In reference to Michael Phelps. It means getting owned/faced/dominated.
Brian: "She gave me a fake number"

You just got Phelpsed.
by pksfnwla;nfk August 17, 2008
Top Definition
Ingesting 10,000 calories
Moosh in Indy says she Phelpsed herself at the Indiana State Fair because of all the fair food she ate over 5 days.
by Melanie @ Mel A Dramatic Mommy August 18, 2008
To get extremely stoned.
I got so phelpsed last night when we were hitting that bong.
by J-Money04 February 19, 2009
The act of being belligerently wasted and/or stoned, and not stopping till blackout. Based on the swimmer Michael Phelps because he's always getting fucked up but still a champion in everyones eyes.
"Everybody at the sorority party was beyond hammered,

they were all Phelps'ed!"

"Once I get out of work, I'm getting so Phelps'ed I wont know up from down!!"

"I was so Phelps'ed last night, I don't even know how I got home."
by Juiceman J October 06, 2013
The act of being totally and utterly destroyed by your opponent. Although the loser may be absolutely "owned", ownage just doesn't do it justice. In Phelps' case, he "owned" world class athletes while at times making it look silly. You see being "owned" could mean that you fought a good fight- better luck next time. But to be Phelpsed is on a whole different level. In this instance, the loser was horribly defeated to the point that there was no purpose for his or her participation in the event.
The French got fucking phelpsed in the Olympics
by dhrdfggg August 26, 2008
By way of photographic proof, catching someone doing something incredibly damaging to their own reputation and tagging them on Facebook. As in Michael Phelps getting caught hitting a bong.
"I had my junk tucked back between my thighs, and Jessica totally phelpsed me. Now that the picture is out there I will never land gainful employment.
by Doc_X February 18, 2009
Phelpsed (verb)

1. The act of being totally and utterly destroyed by your opponent.

2. To be horribly defeated to the point that there was no purpose for your participation in the event.

Refers to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing in which swimmer Michael Phelps won eight gold medals, breaking a world record and decimating his competition so thoroughly that it required a word stronger than "own" or "pwn."
1. "All those other swimmers got Phelpsed."

2. "We won that game 50 to 0. The other team got Phelpsed!"
by Montressor August 25, 2008
Losing any kind of sports race by .01 of a second or less
"Did you see that Cavic dude at the Olympics? He just got Phelpsed."
by G4L FLIP August 21, 2008
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