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Swimming, as in attempting to do what Michael Phelps does.
Hey, man, I'm going phelping at the gym later today- wanna come?
by haha567 August 29, 2008
Smoking cannabis out of a glass pipe.
-Hey wanna go phelping this weekend?
-Dude I was so messed up, I was Phelping all weekend.
by Stephen Kendall February 04, 2009
The physical act of orally removing water from a partner's anus that has been forcefully injected due to an unskillful and unclenched cliff jump.
After Veronica jumped off that huge cliff with her unclenched buttocks, Mark was phelping her for 2 hours just to get it all out.
by splattersday February 18, 2011
1. swimming vigorously.
2. swimming laps in a pool with 8 gold metals on your neck.
the surfer was phelping away from the shark on the beach.

by justin mayer August 29, 2008