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A sexy damn hott alpha-female with an amazing sex drive/IQ... yet who is also an innocent, inexperienced, and/or shy woman. A woman with untapped gold digging/man eating powers. A virgin-phreak. A.K.A- The Perfect Woman.

Phatbabys are extremely seductive without trying to be and very selective when it comes to choosing a partner and somewhat arrogant at times. Many late teens/early twenty's all women's college students/catholic school girls fall under this category.
Natalia is such a phatbaby; she can get any man/woman she wants if she just tryed to.
What's up phatbaby gurl? Gettin' any lately?
#phat #baby #phatbaby #hott #sexy #woman #nerd #gurl seducer playette
by phatbaby February 03, 2006
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