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The container in which iPods are held. Resembles a brief case meets duffle bag... Nanos, minis, shuffles are now the new hip iPods therefore the traditional ancient iPods are in comparison, larger... much larger. Phat paqs are here to save the day, phat paqs keeps your ancient iPods in good safety. It assures the beholder that it will be okay, you will get your Nanos, minis or shuffles... someday...
Tiffany "hey do have a tampon?"
Nelly *girl* "no, I'm sorry I think Kelly has one though..." ::asking Kelly::
Kelly "yeah, one sec" ::gets duffle bag::
Tiffany "WHOA! is that a phat paq!?' *I need one for my iPod*
Kelly ::hand Tiff the tampon:: "what?"
Nelly ::roflmao::
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company October 21, 2005
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