Phantoming is when you and another person, usually the ugly girl/guy at the party, end up sneaking off to have sex due to shame or other reasons. Usually done in an adjacent room, sneakily. No one must know about this at the time being. No one.
Remember that girl with the fat ass at the party last night? Ya, we went out Phantoming.
by Mark Conrad August 25, 2007
Top Definition
The act of acting like a phantom; pretending you are invisible or nonexistent for a period of time.
Hey, if you call my cell and I don't answer, I am phantoming.
by Ashayet August 13, 2010
(Verb) the act of rocking out to phantom of the opera
Me and evan were phantoming outside when a man wearing man capris got taken out by his son
by Evan Lowder July 29, 2007
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