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A sexy Italian family last name.
Likes: Djs, Fabri Fibra, Pasta, Working out, Clubs, and Middle eastern men.
Dislikes: Bad Pizzas, hairy women, ghetto latinos and blacks.

Pezzino's are most likely to have brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin. They love Care Bears! Can be found in Italy, rarley living outside homeland, you're lucky if you find one.

They are outspoken, happy, stubborn italians who you don't want to mess and get them angry. Other than that, you'll love them, always telling jokes to make the day go smooth.

No relation to jersey shore or Godfather.
Angelo: Hey your last name is Pezzino?
Gianluca: yes it is, why?
Angelo: oh that must mean you're stubborn, right?
Gianluca: Isn't every italian?
by Gia Victoria Di Fiore October 16, 2011
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