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>Verb< to Pez,

The act of placing a Pez Candy into a woman's vagina and then retrieving the item with your tongue for stimulating pleasure as well as a tasty snack.
Brandon: Guess what I did last night.
Jackson: Whu man,
Brandon: Got some Pez man, and I went at it, HAHA! Put six in there got em all out with my tongue dog!
Jackson: Say WHA!?

Brandon: Hell yeah! I was like baby we are gonna do this and she was like, Alright, and yup, we did it.
Jackson: Badass.
Brandon: Yup, I was Pezzing all night long brah.
Jackson: Ima see if my girl will let me Pez.

(Next Day(

Jackson: Guess what I did last night.

Brandon: NO WAY!
Austin: NO WAY!
Jackson: Yup
by Bhr0kin April 24, 2011
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