Fugly Colts quarterback whom men do not feel threatened by, therefore he is well liked. Peyton has a button dick and it becomes evident through his play.
"After an ice cold shower he was hung like Peyton Manning"

by im eli manning February 10, 2008
last time i checked, a piece of shit faggot loser compared to tom brady. if somehow, someone gets past his offensive line, he throws it out of bounds like a pussy.
peyton manning is in 800 fucking stupid commercials and even colts fans are annoyed by them.
by the mello December 01, 2007
Quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts - 2 time league MVP - is unstoppable, apart from when he's in snowy weather, in a place called Foxboro, in the playoffs, or against a team named the Patriots. Likes to think that Indiapolis is a team, but knows that he alone is the Colts.
Marvin : Yo Peyton, we're off to Foxboro to play the Pats in the playoffs - WOOHOO!!!!
Peyton : *curls into a ball*
Weather reporter on TV : And in Foxboro this week, it's going to be snowing non-stop...
Peyton : *slashes wrists*
by MartinezPatriot17 August 23, 2005
Peyton manning throws the ball away like a fucking pussy...
by BradyisGod August 25, 2008
A man, no god, who is basically jesus. he banged 50694 girls at a time and has tom brady on speed dial for butt raping. Peyton Manning did your mom. Yes you. YES, YOU, YOUR MOM AND PEYTON MANNING DID IT.
You:Hey did you see peyton MANNING play?

Your Mom: he did me!
by Nick the greatest man aliiive. March 21, 2008
Biggest faggot on the face of the earth! he is over-rated in the nfl by like 100...he has the biggest forehead in the league. Peyton is a god damn redneck and his mouth is so crooked its on the side of his face.
"peyton manning calling the play on the line...manning FIRES ONE DOWN TO.....oh what do ya kno..the second biggest fag in the world...MARVIN HARRISON....again.
by legendx05 January 22, 2006

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