QB for the Indianapolis Colts that DOES NOT CHOKE

Peyton Manning would have 3 superbowl rings if he had as great a defence and as clutch a kicker as Brady had. QBs don't win championships, Coaches, Defence, and clutch kickers win championships. Tony Dungy always choked, even when he was with the Bucs, Peyton's defence is always no good, they can't stop the run and ultimitly that is what causes you to lose games, and Vanderjagt is the biggest choker in the league.

So what, Brady is 3-0 in superbowls, does that actually make him better? No, it just means he has a better supporting cast. Take away Deion Branch, Vinitary, and his defence he has 0 Superbowls. Period. Football is a team game, and it requires a team effort to win championships, Peyton's team NEVER seems to show up, especially his defence and kicker, therfour Peyton is excpected to get it done. Brady has a defence to fall on, Peyton does not, therfour Peyton is required to keep the offence on the field longer. Granted Edge James helped him out with that, it's still a LOT of pressure on you in the playoffs, and as a result you make more mistakes.

Why is it QBs are mesured in Superbowls anyway? How does winning a superbowl improve your arm strength? Your arm Accuracy? Your mobility? It dosn't. Peyton Manning has better arm strength, Arm accuracy, and even mobility than Brady, so how is Brady better? Because his team has a better defence and wins superbowls?

Besides, Brady isn't that clutch. In his first superbowl againts the Rams, he threw for 145 yards, no touchdowns, and an interception. You call that clutch? Peyton has had 15 touchdowns in 9 playoff games. Anyone know what Brady's is? 15 touchdowns in 11 games. Peyton has had a perfect game in the playoffs in 2003 againts the Broncos, Brady has NEVER thrown a perfect game. Ever. I mean, if your Clutch, you HAVE to be in the two-minute drill, and Peyton has a HUGE advantage over Brady in that area, thus proving why he isnot only a much better leader, but also much more clutch than Brady with the game on the line.
Anybody who knows ANYTHING about Football would know that Peyton Manning DOES NOT CHOKE, his kicker and defence chokes. Brady on the other hand, had a kicker, a great coach, and a defence that was great, therfour he wins more rings. QBs don't win championships, Defence, Coaches, and Kickers do (Which is why Dan Marino never won a superbowl)
by Killer Kobe November 10, 2006
Top Definition
Famous star of countless commercials and television programs, and part-time football player.
If Peyton Manning uses that nose-hair trimmer, it's good enough for me!
by BUSean April 07, 2007
Numbers and numbers... 6 consecutive 4,000+ passing yard seasons. 49 TDs in 2004 season. 4 to 1 TD/Interception ratio. 34,000 career passing yards so far. Over 240 career touchdowns. The only quarterback to throw a perfect game, and he did it THREE TIMES.
"Peyton Manning in the shotgun. Ball snapped. He's scanning the field... Sees Harrison... Deep pass!... TOUCHDOWN!"
by Sara Nguyen February 17, 2006
Just won the damn Super Bowl! which proves he does not choke, and is an amazing player.
Peyton Manning is statistically better than Troy Aikman, but theyre both some of the best qbs ever
by hattness February 04, 2007
Hes either a God amongst mere mortals.


A robot from the future sent back in time to infiltrate the N.F.L., re-write the record books, and humble Tom Brady.
Peyton Manning's calendar goes from March 31st to April 2nd, because nobody fools Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning has counted to infinity... twice.
Sharks dedicate an entire week to Peyton Manning.
Peyton Manning can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass...at night.
Peyton Manning knows the last digit of pi.
by j carunder August 27, 2010
probably the best QB in the nfl now that hes won a super bowl and yea brady has won 3 but who cares his numbers arent that great and his team carried him anyway and that whole thing about manning being bradys bitch thats obviously stupid because as shown in the AFC championship game brady and the pats blew a 21-6 halftime lead and brady is clutch?
Tom Brady: "21-6 this is over"
end of game
Tom Brady: "sobs"
Peyton Manning: "Whose the bitch now?"
by 9700 May 13, 2007
The greatest QB of all time. Statistically dominant, cannot be stopped by any defense and will continue to win Superbowls and break records until he retires.
"I just played Peyton Manning in a game today."

"How many points did you lose by."

"A lot."
by luvYasey November 22, 2010
A commercial actor who occasionally plays football. He (as well as the occasional appearance of his hasbeen father and retarded little brother) has done commercials for Milk, Sprint, several Mastercard spots, Oreos, DirecTV, NFLshop, and would probably do Tampon commercials given the chance. Blames his teammates more often than not even if he makes an obvious error.
Is it true that you are an enormous sellout, Peyton Manning?

Peyton: Hell no! When I'm done doing this Swiffer commercial we're gonna have a long talk.
by NaoNao February 06, 2008
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