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A word that can be effectively utilised to comic effect by replacing any other given word in a sentence.
You peutch me out.
He really wants to peutch me, but I just don't wanna go there.
I can't come out tonight, I'm busy peutching.
Sex, peutch and rock and roll.
by gideonnnnn January 11, 2009
Noun. The entrance to a Woman's Vagina.
"I stuck my penis in her Peutch."
by Bigheadhaz November 07, 2008
(v.) - to send or hit someone or something into the orbit, esp. to the orbit of the earth by impacting a huge force, and to cause the object to self-rotate at a very high rate.
(n.) - the act of sending.
1. Pikachu peutched Rocket Team into the sky again...
2. Hey did you know that Mr. O'Byrne just peutched an electron around the neutron, and got the nobel prize?
3. Shut up, or i will peutch you.
by Guy Khen and Chong Li May 26, 2006
(v.) - to send or hit something or someone into an orbit by impacting a huge force on it, esp. have an extremely fast self-rotation around the earth.
(n.) - the act of sending or hitting something or someone into an orbit by impacting a huge force.
The term comes from the German/Deutsch dictator Adolf Hitler's "PUTSCH" revolution, and maybe from Old English "punch")
1. Ahh, Shut up!~ Or i will peutch you into the orbit of the earth!
2. Hey did you hear the news that Mr. O'Byrne just got the Nobel Prize by peutching an electron around the orbit of a neutron?
3. Again the Rocket Team was defeated and peutched to the horizon of the sky by Pikachu, lol.
by Guy Khen and Chong Li May 25, 2006

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