Someone in whom the idea of oil, gasoline, kerosene, diesel or other petroleum-based products instills quasi-sexual, nearly erotic fantasies. See: George Bush.
Wow, his humvee gets 7 miles to the gallon. He must be a petrolsexual.
by MisterMixerUpper June 20, 2007
Top Definition
A Hot Roder that perfers spending time with His car more than his woman.
Petrolsexual: When burning gas means more than chassing ass.
by MannyZX May 15, 2010
with dogging still the new blogging, the petrosexual hangs out at petrol stations in 'love bays' overlooked by the transient visiting public. Forecourt sales are now adapting...
30-something male Petrolsexual who buys sunglasses, hats,(flashion), counselling & infra-red surveillance equipment. BP trendwatchers are monitoring the situation.
by Observer Scouse March 02, 2009
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