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This is the act of shoving your cock as far into the mouth of your partner as you can and shooting your wad straight down her throat, like your filling the car up at the Petrol Pump. You must also tap your cock against their bottom lip after you have cum and then shove her panties into her mouth like you are putting the Petrol cap back on.
You: I Petrol Pumped Becky last night and almost made her choke.

Friend: You are ruthless.
by Paul Kippers April 19, 2011
Rhyming slang for "dump" for when you need a shit
Guy 1 "Mate, I need a petrol"

Guy 2 "you what?"

Guy 3 "petrol pump, dump. . u pillok"
by Dave118 April 04, 2011
Men pissing in other people's mouth, most notably their mates' mouths - used as a prank.
Bob: I needed a piss so bad, and Nick was just there, so i petrol pumped him.

Nick: It wasn't that bad. It tasted like brine.
by Antastic November 25, 2007
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