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French for Jane Austen-esque. It is common knowledge to all Jane Austen fans that if Austen had mothered a child 'Petrice' would have been the little girl's name (or Peter Rice if the baby would have been a boy). In a secret book that escaped publication and was held dear to Austen's heart (the book was once quoted as being her 'entire life's masterpiece'), a fictitious protagonist named Petrice was described as 'possess{ing} an intellectual sexiness' and 'defined most prominently by her poise, independence, and natural beauty that defies naturalness.'

In modern society, encountering a 'Petrice' means encountering something special. Never should a 'Petrice' be taken lightly. Every bit of her should be treasured because her innate Victorian essence promises the most trustworthy and endearing of friendships. Beyond friendship, Petrice's prove to be the most loving and faithful of partners, deeply desiring to seek self-actualization and eternal completion in, and through, their soul mate. You're fortunate enough to befriend a 'Petrice', but if you marry one...well, let's just say it's like playing the lottery for the rest of your life, and winning every time. And even then, it wouldn't compare to the happiness you will endure by loving, and having the love of, a Petrice.
Someday, I will marry Petrice.


Someday, I will marry a Petrice.
by peabody lover May 12, 2010

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