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Although originating from a boys name, Petie is infact an affectionate name given to girls.

Peties are the brightest and happiest of people. These bubbly characters are a lot of fun to be around and the greatest people to have as friends. Loving and caring, a Petie will try and be there for you no mater what. You'll be lucky if you ever meet one as she'll always brighten your day <3
Person one: "isnt petie just the best?"
Person two: "yes she absolutely is! love that girl!"
by meg209 May 03, 2011
A close-up picture of your pet. A petie is a selfie but of your pet.
Oh my gawd, did you see Marisa's petie on instgram today? It's sooooo cute.
by mattwilson2005 January 08, 2014