a sorry ass mother fucker that doesnt have a dick. he need a big box of enzyte. he claims every afternoon when he gets on the bus he is going to get him so "pudding" hey petey you need a "spoon" before you get any "pudding" hey careful petey i might put a "spell" on you (the fleas of 100000000000000000000000 camels will infest your armpits)petey is an ugly ass mother fucker , too. he will never get a g/f , unless her name is "spice" and you have to pay her for every hour
fucking ugly mother fucker that , thank god , got his head shaved cause it looked like a fucking ugly ass animal crawled up there and died , and it fucking smelled like it , too.GO FUCKING BRUSH YOUR TEETH , petey
Top Definition
fucking petey pimping it again :P
by .3 October 26, 2003
A man who picks up women by showing them his dick.
I met Petey last night and man was he hard as rocks!
by Mviacnheasesla December 13, 2007
Pete is a weiner that always says the wrong thing.
1"thats my fave shop"

2"petey u mean that creche"

1"....oh shit"
by Big length April 27, 2004
Another word for meth pipe.
Hey baby, pack tha petey!!
by SkittlesHEARTsB.Good September 27, 2006
the tolkien itialian that dosent get many girls! but a very rich guy!
Oh petey!
by shocksta February 24, 2003
Afgan looking chapo and rc's bank manager
hey petey lets go hand out sweets outside abo gates
by raz November 11, 2004

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