A unit of measurement of 77 1/4 inches in length created by V. (Pete) Peterson on January 12,2010. He is 77 1/4 inches in heigth.
I am 1 Peterson in length. Which means I am 77 1/4 inches long.
by ark_chic2010 January 12, 2010
Top Definition
The act of absolutely desecrating a toilet bowl with the most horrific, ultra-violent, sinus melting magma shit possible.
From the vineyard in Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia, where a malevolent arse explosion unlike any ever before it, made the toilet unusable for weeks.
I totally Peterson'd you're shit-throne my frind, I'm sorry. I ate shellfish from the bin last night.
by Flapjackandy November 09, 2007
A word used to express anger in an unfortunate situation
I failed my bio quiz...PETERSON!!!
by TJ Ferguson December 08, 2008
To check your phone while riding your bike, losing sight of the road and causing you to ride into non-moving inanimate objects, such as parked cars.
"Somebody called me when I was riding to class. I had to answer blindly and hope it wasn't my crazy X because I didn't want to pull a Peterson."
by yayc0 June 12, 2014
A term that means to murder someone, and dump the body as to not get caught (referring specifically to Scott Peterson).
Tom: Hey man, have you seen Tracy today?
Bob: Nah man, she went out on a date with some guy she met on the internet night before last and no one has seen her since.
Tom: Damn! I hope that dude didn't pull a Peterson!


"Man that guy is such a dick, if he doesn't watch it I am gonna Peterson his ass and that it'll be that".
by BillyBones da real McCoy June 30, 2006
A "closeted" pretentious male, often quick to anger and generally found desperately trying to improve his self image, despite the fact that he's a hipster douchebag, complete with obscure musical references, black-framed glasses, and a fixed-gear bike.
"Did you see that tool hipster that just ran by?"

"Yeah, he's a total Peterson."
by Dr. Rosenbaumstein August 31, 2011
A term used to describe someone children who have down-syndrome. With the tendency to latch on to somebody emotionally and lashing out against anyone who competes with them for attention.
Matt: Do you guys know WTF is wrong with Kyle?
Zach: I have no clue he just needs to stop being hostile to everyone besides Shane!
Shane: Well to be fair he is a Peterson
by POOSY 4 HAMMY September 30, 2011
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